Charlevoix, MI: A Picturesque and Beautiful Town

Find the perfect location for living and storing near Charlevoix!

Charlevoix, MI is the perfect northern Michigan location for summer and winter living! Not only is Charlevoix right on the lake and full of lakeside activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and water sports, but it also offers plenty of things to do in the winter (such as a skiing at the town’s ski hill).

Charlevoix also proudly boasts of having a beautiful marina, a local airport for easy access to the city, a golf course, a beautiful and diverse shopping and dining area, and several yearly festivals such as the Apple Festival and the Venetian Festival. This small but close-knit community would be ideal for someone wanting to be close to the lake while still being close to a charming city.

If you are wanting a lake or forest view for a living or storage space, and being only six minutes away from the enchanting city of Charlevoix, MI sounds like something you want, North Star Condominiums just might be the option you have been looking for. An upscale luxury storage condominium would place you nearby several popular northern Michigan towns, giving you somewhere to store your things and a place to live. NorthStar Condominiums offers you the unique option for using the storage condos as a residential area, complete with amenities of your choosing, such as excellent lighting, flooring and other features.

Also, in some cases, you have the option of using the space for a business location that is within sight of the lake, or looking into a wooded area. Our luxury storage condominiums have the space to hold all of your toys and so much more.

For more information on the spaces available near Charlevoix, MI from North Star Condominiums, contact our office.

*Restrictions do apply for having a business in luxury storage condominiums. Please contact our office for more information.

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