Storage Condo Pricing in Michigan:
North Star Condo Pricing Information


The Lakeview (view Lakeview Storage Condo Site Plan)


Unit 1 (custom unit, please contact us for details)


Unit 2 (standard 30x12 mezzanine & 18x16 door)


Unit 3 (irregular 22x12 mezzanine, enhanced windows & 18x18 door)


Unit 4 (standard 30x12 mezzanine, enhanced windows & 18x18 door)


Unit 5 (irregular 22x12 mezzanine, enhanced windows & 18x18 door)


Unit 6 (standard 30x12 mezzanine & 18x16 door)


Unit 7 (standard 30x12 mezzanine & 18x14 door)



The Woods


Pricing for The Woods condominium storage units is entirely dependant on the building's ultimate configuration and features. The developer is open to ideas relating to customized outfitting, including but not limited to exclusive use.



Leasing Options

North Star Commercial Condominiums

Seasonal Leasing (September - June)

Seasonal leasing is done on the basis of applying a rate of $6.50 against the nominal square footage occupied by a vehicle or object. For example, if a boat on a trailer is to be stored the maximum width (probably the boat, at it's widest point) is multiplied by the maximum length (usually from the ball hitch on the front of the trailer to the back of the boat) to determine the nominal area. So, to complete our example, if the area was 200 sq. ft., the total cost for the season would be $1300.

Annual Leasing

For those whose needs are year-round, we are happy to offer lease terms of up to one year, renewable with common consent. Pricing, of course, is highly subjective, based on the customer's needs for space and the possible inclusion of utilities or other services that may be required within the lease. Call Ken at 231.582.9709 to discuss the details. Discounting is applied in cases where an entire unit is leased.

Words for the Wise

Less expensive storage is readily available, but it will not feature a steel super-structure, fully insulated perimeter frost foundations, effective affordable heat, mezzanine, full plumbing, insulation & finished walls, paved year-round access on a class A thoroughfare, security and communications wiring or an ounce of style. It will be difficult to finance because of its very temporary nature and surely represents a non-appreciating asset on the order of a conventional car or boat. It cannot claim the potential for wider and varied commercial use. It will never have location, location, location. But it will be less expensive. Contact Ken for more information on our storage condo pricing for our Michigan condominiums.

Additional Documentation

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